Provide Data

Data providers can be of different types, including: Financial Service Providers (FSPs), international networks of FSPs, professional associations, investors, standard setting bodies, rating agencies, research institutes and other organizations.

Data providers can decide to share with ATLAS subscribers their data in a nominative way (increasing the FSP visibility) or in an anonymized way (please see below how to indicate the transparency option). In all cases, ATLAS needs to receive nominative data of individual Financial Service Providers to manage the data on the platform. ATLAS then attributes a transparency code to each data report to define the data will be accessible by subscribers in a nominative or anonymized manner based on the data provider preference. ATLAS uses the data shared by data providers exclusively for the purposes on managing the platform.

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Data providers can share data with ATLAS using different tools, including:

If data are provided with the ATLAS report, the written consent of the FSP can be provided by indicating the transparency option chosen in the tab “Intro” of the ATLAS report and submitting the ATLAS report. Otherwise, the consent of the FSP can be provided by signing the ATLAS data sharing agreement or any other existing agreement including the content of the ATLAS data sharing agreement.

ATLAS data sharing agreement

Data can be provided at the time of the year and with the frequency chosen by each data provider.

Submit Data

Please enter the name of the organization that is sharing the data.
If the Financial Service Provider is providing its own data, please enter the Financial Service Provider name. If another organization, different from the Financial Service Provider, is providing the data of the Financial Service Provider, please enter the name of the organization providing data (e.g. name of professional association, name of investor, name of other organization).