About Us

MicroFinanza Rating (MFR) is one of the world’s leading microfinance information service providers, committed to enhancing transparency, facilitating investments and promoting best practices worldwide. In October 2012, MFR, together with MicroRate and M-CRIL, launched a common rating product, called Microfinance Institutional Rating (MIR). The aim was to integrate client protection and other social risks factors into the traditional financial analysis, to better address the increasing relevance of the reputation risk to the long-term institutional sustainability of Financial Service Providers (FSPs). Click here to download the MIR methodology.

The three rating agencies are licensed by the Smart Campaign to conduct Client Protection Certification, which allows institutions to publicly demonstrate their adherence to client protection through an independent, third-party evaluation of their policies and practices. To know more about becoming Smart certified, click here.

The Platform also offers its users access to the Social Rating and SPI4 Audit reports issued by the rating agency.
Click here to download Social Rating and SPI4 Audit methodologies.

In 2013, the Microfinance Index of Market Outreach and Saturation (MIMOSA) was developed jointly by Emmanuelle Javoy, a microfinance expert and former Managing Director of Planet Rating, and Daniel Rozas, a leading researcher on microfinance crises and over-indebtedness. MIMOSA gives market participants – FSPs, investors, and regulators – a tool that can guide important planning decisions to avoid excessive saturation and over indebtedness, while highlighting areas of operation that remain underserved. Click here to download the MIMOSA White Paper.

MFR is a private and independent international rating agency specialized in inclusive finance. It is one of the most active rating agencies with more than 2,000 assignments in over 100 countries worldwide. MFR operates through its headquarters in Milan, Italy and a network of regional offices, country offices, and antennas across 4 continents, providing financial ratings, credit ratings, social ratings and Smart Campaign client protection certifications.

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The Microfinance Index of Market Outreach and Saturation (MIMOSA) is an effort to fill an important gap in the sector by establishing a standard framework for measuring credit saturation. MIMOSA estimates how much retail credit a given country can absorb, and compares that to the actual amount of credit reported. The objective of MIMOSA is to propose a methodology that would simultaneously be simple to use, show reasonably accurate results, and be easily applied to nearly all developing countries.