Initiatives - Toolkit

MFR is a private and independent rating agency specialized in inclusive finance. MFR offers ratings, certifications and other services in 90+ countries to Financial Service Providers, investors and regulators.

SPTF is a member based organization including X FSPs, investors, and other organizations from Y countries. SPTF set the Universal Standards of Social Performance Management.

CERISE provides knowledge and tools for ethical finance: Microfinance, Social Business and Rural Finance. CERISE owns and manages the SPI4 / SPI4 ALINUS tool, including the SPTF Universal Standards.

The Smart Campaign, housed at ACCION, set the Client Protection Principles and promotes their implementation through good practices dissemination and the client protection certification programme.

The Microfinance Index of Market Outreach and Saturation (MIMOSA), housed at e-MFP, is a tool to thoroughly assess and map the risk of client over-indebtedness in financial inclusion markets.

Microfact, an ADA and BRS initiative, provides capacity building for microfinance and microinsurance, managing the Factsheet (Excel tool for financial reporting) and Microvision (financial projections).

The Poverty Probability Index (PPI®) is a poverty measurement tool for organizations and businesses with a mission to serve the poor. The PPI is housed by the Innovation for Poverty Action (IPA).

MFTransparency (MFT) promoted transparent pricing and developed pricing analysis tools adapted to inclusive finance, before closing in 2018. ATLAS uses MFT pricing calculation tools.

ATLAS and the MIX datasets are compatible as they use the same Financial Service Provider IDs. The MIX dataset was transferred to the World Bank’s Data Catalogue and it is publicly available. The MIX will no longer update the microfinance institutions data and it will focus on new areas.