About MIMOSA Score

The MIMOSA score is a function of the level of credit penetration in a given market and capacity, rated based on how much penetration is higher or lower than the capacity estimate. Capacity is a model of how many active borrowers the market can be expected to sustainably support. The score rates markets as being underserved, healthy, or at various levels of saturation. The mechanics are straightforward. The difference between penetration and capacity is matched to one of the six tiers that are defined using the standard deviation in the capacity estimates. The two red tiers, MIMOSA scores of 5 and 6, denote markets at high risk of overheating, where penetration is at least two standard deviations above estimated capacity. Score 4 means the market is moderately saturated, but probably does not present a high risk in the immediate future. Scores 2 and 3 indicate a normal range. Finally, a market score of 1 is significantly underserved.

MIMOSA Score Penetration over/under capacity Market Status
Percentage points Standard deviation
6 >11.1% 3+ Saturated
5 7.4 - 11.1% 2 to 3
4 3.7 - 7.4% 1 to 2
3 0 - 3.7% 0 to 1 Normal
2 -3.7 - 0% -1 to 0
1 < -3.7% < -1 Underserved